The model/parent/guardian may use the photos taken where and when they want, provided the photo is not edited and the logo remains in the photograph, the name of the photographer must be clearly stated in all publications.

Editing the photos created by someone other than is not allowed.

The model and/or parents/guardian will not be able to claim compensation if the photoshoot cannot continue due to technical defects or if photos fail, damage or be erased.

The photographer tries to meet the wishes of the model and/or the parents/guardian at all times, therefore no compensation can be requested if the final pictures are not as desired.

Finally, I agree that the model, neither the parents/guardian, nor the photographer intentionally make harm to someone else's name by being negative about the other.

It is not allowed to use photos without a logo for commercial purposes unless this right is purchased. If our files are used unlawfully, this will be a fine on €700,-per publication. The purchase of the rights can be for 50 euro per photograph.

Payments and cancellations posted photo or video reportage:

After booking a photo or video report via us you will receive a booking confirmation with attached invoice.
If you have any inaccuracies, please call us directly. You will then receive a new custom confirmation.

The payment must be paid before the expiration date, provided otherwise stated.
In case of no or late payment, is authorised to charge the administration fee or to cancel your booking.

The photographer receives an agreed remuneration for making the requested photos and any travel expenses.
I understand that delivering photos in any way entails extra costs if otherwise agreed.

The model and/or parent/guardian is aware that there is no financial compensation for travel expenses or other costs incurred.

An already made and paid booking of reportage can no longer be cancelled.

The objection of a studio reportage can be up to a minimum of 7 days before the start of the reportage date and is the 1st time free of charge.
The objection of the studio report within 7 days before the start of the posted photo report will entail additional costs.
These costs amount to 25% of the total amount of the photo report in question.

Opposing an outside report due to bad weather may be the 1st time free of charge until 24h before the start of the outdoor reportage.
When the word is chosen for a second reportage outside it can no longer be resisted free of charge and the conditions for a studio reportage apply.
To avoid risk, you can choose a report in the studio.
Payments and cancellations ticket sales:

The purchased tickets cannot be returned. Resale is allowed, tickets are not bound to name/person.

Webshop Purchases

For purchases made in the webshop money that we will apply the legal rules for if you wish to cancel the purchase, the time limit for this return process must be indicated within 7 days via contact with and then We will make this in order as soon as possible.

Disclaimer guarantees the new privacy legislation. In the past, we as an organisation have already taken into account the privacy of people, if there is a mention during an event I don't want to be published online, then we kept that in mind.

Since we regularly make event pictures on behalf of organisations we can hardly ask all those involved in a photograph for permission.

If you are in a photograph and do not agree with the publication, please contact us so that no legal process is required with all additional costs for both parties.

You can contact us via the contact page or by sending an email to the: Webmaster.

If you are at an event right in front of the camera and you pose and make a crazy move and the photographer shows you the picture and you like the photo and find publication on the evening itself fine.

Then the day after, it is pointless to expect that we will be willing, free of charge, to find and remove the one photo from the publication. If you do not want to have this picture removed, the credo will remain in contact with us, know that this particular photograph is often already available to the client for publication and that it is not so much to stop 1, 2, 3 to prevent this publication.

I am therefore of the opinion that the new European legislation is a good point for safeguarding your privacy, but as I said recently, I do believe that people should be aware of photo and video material. How often we as photographers do not hear on the evening itself, I may not be online because of my work, I may not be online, because the woman I was with is not my partner and so on for various reasons, then we can take it into account if possible. Otherwise, when people come back with similar situations, we as a photographer do not know whether you are walking in the student and so should not have been at a party, or that your environment should not know that you were there at that party. So give it up during the event, we can take it into account with photography and videography.

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